Car seat covers are a practical way to protect your cars upholstery, maintaining the resale value and keeping your vehicle free of stains or tears. What’s more, with a sheepskin cover, you’ll be driving in supreme comfort and style!

In 99% of cases, sheepskin seat covers are a simple do it yourself fit; time, patience and perhaps a few hand tools all that’s required to transform your car interior!

When ordering your sheepskin seats, don’t forget to have your vehicle make and model to hand.

Sheepskin Seat Cover

Top 5 Sheepskin Car Seats

  1. Shear Comfort USA

Shear Comfort are by far the best sheepskin car seat covers available on the market. Using the finest Australian Merino Wool for maximum comfort and sporting a range of colors, Shear Comfort covers are designed to maintain their original appearance after many years of use.

Shear Comfort also offer a superb 1 year warranty against defects and guarantee a good fit.

  1. Overland (Best Overall)

Boasting supreme quality and using Merino Wool, Overland Sheepskin Car Seat Covers are a premium product with many positive user reviews.

Available in a range of 4 colors and fitment for a wide range of vehicles, most car owners should find an Overland product for their needs.

Another good thing about Overland, is the range of steering wheel and seatbelt covers – perfect if your want even more comfort and style!

  1. Brookstone (Best For Budget Buyers)

A slightly cheaper product than Overland and Shear Comfort, Brookstone still over a decent quality product that keeps your seats warm in winter and cooler during summer.

Made using genuine sheepskin (Not Australian Merino Wool) and universally designed to fit a range of cars, Brookstone seat covers make a compelling choice for the cost conscious car owner.

However, being a universal fitment, expect to spend an afternoon ensuring a perfect fit.

  1. Comfy Sheep (Best For Comfort)

Designed for a range of cars and using 100% Merino Wool, Comfy Sheep offer a quality level to rival Shear Comfort.

All seats are designed specifically to fit individual makes and models, ensuring an easier fitment and longer term use.

Comfy Sheep seats also come with a supreme 1 inch thickness of wool and free shipping for USA customers.

  1. Black Sheep Trading (Best For SUV / Truck Owners)

One major positive for Black Sheep Covers, is the fact they are designed to fit both Trucks and SUV’s. Made from genuine sheepskin, (Not Merino Wool) these seat covers are built to give 5 years of service with a satisfaction guarantee to match!

Black Sheep are also a small business, started by a young lady in 1971 – perfect if you love to support local business!

Keeping Your Sheepskin Car Seat Covers in Good Health

Once you’ve purchased and fitted your sheepskin covers, keep them in good condition:

  1. Regularly vacuum the interior of your vehicle.
  2. Brush the seat covers with a dog or hair brush to keep the pile separate and fluffy.
  3. Spot clean any stains quickly with a damp cloth.
  4. Clean with a damp cloth or by dry cleaning – never machine wash or tumble dry!

Rotate your seats occasionally to ensure even wear across all seats.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers – 2015 Review

If you are the type of person who’s always busy and tired from work, then you might want to opt for sheepskin car seat covers.

Besides the fact that this product can provide comfort to your daily harried life, sheepskin car seat covers can also provide elegance to your car’s style.

What makes sheepskin comfortable as a car seat cover?

The technology behind sheepskin is the soft-wool fibers in high concentration. Hence, this provides good padding for your bottom, so you won’t get stressed while you are on your journey.

If you always take taxis or buses for your journey to work, then, you already know how stressful it is to ride back home with uncomfortable seats.

Oftentimes, you turn around and find the best position for comfort but you still can get it. What’s worst is you will encounter traffic during the ride to your office ending up stressed and ill-fitted for work all day.

However, with an affordable price for fixing your car, you can feel the comfort when you go to office. You might be amazed but it’s certainly the truth.

Sheepskin can change your way of transportation. This will decrease or remove stress from your work or any tiring event that day. Comfort levels will increase incredibly when you add sheepskin your seat cover.

Because of its proven comfort and inexpensiveness, many truck drivers, airport facilities, and hospital workers opt for using sheepskin as their material for car seat covers.

Sheepskin Easily Adapts to Varying Temperatures

Are you afraid of going out because it’s too hot for you to handle? Do you want to stroll around and feel the snowy weather but it’s freezing even inside your car? Well, with sheepskin, you can battle all of these problems with varying weather.

Sheepskin material easily adapts to hot weather because of its breathable feature. When it’s cold outside, sheepskin gives you warmth with its soft-wool high concentration.

Although it gives you warmth, you can be sure of no moisture during the ride and high durability.

Sheepskin’s High Compatibility with Car Models

If you are worried that your sheepskin car seat cover will not fit your car’s model, worry no more because shops have all the sizes and designs you want with sheepskin as their material.

Besides the protection from varying temperatures, sheepskin material for car seat covers can protect your car from damage produced by ultraviolet rays and spills.

So don’t need to worry about long journeys and eating while you’re on the road because you already have sheepskin as your partner.

In addition, if you plan to sell you car, sheepskin would be your best quote for pricing it higher.

In conclusion, there are several reasons you should purchase sheepskin car seat covers. Besides its high adaptability to weather and car models, it is durable and inexpensive.

You won’t waste your time trying to find sheepskin car seat covers, because supermarkets sell them at all sizes and designs. With this type of car seat cover, you are sure to buy with value for your money.