When it comes to the task of maintaining or safeguarding the insides of your vehicle, it has been observed that the car seat covers made of neoprene are very suitable.

Neoprene is actually one form of stable chemical, which is used to manufacture wet suits, especially for divers in the deep Rugged Ridge 13214.09 Black & Grey Custom Neoprene Front Seat Cover - Pairsea. There are many benefits of these seat covers for car owners.

The material Neoprene is special in a lot of ways. One major reason is because, it’s very durable. We have listed a few more characteristics below.
Compared to standard car seat covers, the durability of this material has a number of advantages. Neoprene seat covers are robust, which bring comfort to a car owner.

It saves an owner from scheduling any maintenance for preventing any sort of breakdowns or to compare car insurance quotes in the online mode instead of calling separate companies individually.

Take a look at these five solid reasons why neoprene seat covers are best for your car:

 Reason One: Protection from heat and High Temperature

The actual temperature outside the car may be 100-110 degrees, which may lead the temperature within your car to rise up to 140-160 degrees.

If your car is designed with leather interior, then you may understand well how uncomfortable the process of sitting inside your car may be!

The feeling may be similar to getting inside a fireplace. Neoprene seat covers, on the contrary, absorb very less heat, which makes the seats more comfortable.

The beauty of these seat covers is that during summer, your car seats will remain cool, and these will stay warm during winter. The material Neoprene is also helpful in the car’s air conditioning, which helps the heating systems to perform more efficiently.

Reason Two: These Covers Withstand all Elements

Neoprene seat covers are so durable that they never deform in the effect from sun like other seat covers; hence, they last longer.

If someone has a habit of spending a considerable amount of time outdoors, or has the habit of getting out of the car frequently, the car seat covers should be cleaned regularly.

Neoprene is easy to wipe off for removing any dirt that might build up while going outdoors, or in the process of taking your kids to sports lessons, or while driving your pet to a veterinarian or after leaving your car in the dusty neighborhood.

Reason Three: It Gives Shock Protection

Your vehicle may be equipped with a natural suspension system, but, it is always better to add extra layer. This will provide you some bonus shock protection.

By doing this, you will not only experience an extra comfort on the seats of your car; but, the new padded Neoprene seat covers are going to digest the bumps, jolts and any potholes that your car may face on the road.

Reason Four: It Prevents Moisture Buildup

Since the material Neoprene is of the same nature as that of the material that divers usually use in their wetsuits; your seat covers built with this material may prevent excess moisture from the process of harming the car seats.

These seat covers are suitable for persons that own open-roof cars. The material is capable of withstanding the rain and also dries quickly.

Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat Cover Review

Salient Features

  • These are easy to install—These quality designs are made a quick fit and require no tools
  • You can wrap your car seats with the colorful surf style of authentic neoprene
  • Coverking custom seat covers are made to order
  • Precision-CAD patterns offer a snug fit, which can rival the factory original
  • These are crafted with neoprene material that gives maximum style & durability
  • The form of treated fabric can resist UV damage, mildew, stains and rot
  • These seat covers are available for all three row seats (depending on the vehicle built)
  • Tight fitting has the capability to resist seam slippage even after extended use
  • These are easy to clean up- can be spot cleaned and air dried
  • You have the option to choose from a range of universal colors, each of which are trimmed in black
  • All Coverking Genuine Neoprene Seat Covers come with a 1-year warranty


How to Clean Neoprene Seat Covers

Make the most of your ride in complete comfort by installing the Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers. These are crafted from the exact material as surfing wetsuits.

Neoprene provides excellent water resistance along with a cushiony feel and also hard-core durability. These have been designed exclusively to assist you with your wet and wooly lifestyle. Neoprene covers can be cleaned easily and installation is also very easy.

Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers can fit so well that they will give touch competition to your vehicle’s original upholstery. The precision designs are so well made that they can assure full seat functionality for all rows in the car.

There are options for armrests, headrests, consoles and map pockets too (depending on your vehicle build). Since they are made to order, these covers can be installed easily without using any special tools.

If you want to keep your new seats fresh, want to boost your car’s interior style, or need to revive a set of old seats, Coverking is the best option to choose from.

These are cut from precision patterns and very high-quality materials. Get Neoprene Covers since they keep your seats stylish and also protect them for miles to come. The best thing is that all Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers come with a 1-year warranty.