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Neoprene Seat Covers 2020 Reviews

A lot of people simply ignore the importance of having a good car seat cover. Beaten up and old looking seat covers are what makes a car look old, lackluster and unattractive. Usually, cars with great looking seat covers sell for a lot more than those with old and ugly covers, simply because neoprene seat covers, besides providing a much-needed level of protection to the seats and comfort while driving or sitting in the car, enhances its overall look.

neoprene seat covers

Regardless of whether you’re a young guy who just bought your first car or someone who wishes to give a new look to his old one, this article will act as an in-depth guide for helping you know everything you need to about Neoprene car seat covers. In simple words, a car seat is referred to as the chair that exists in your car. Usually, covers for protecting these seats are made out of cheap but durable material, managing to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear.

However, while going for affordability along with durability, one also needs to keep in mind the comfort factor. After all, a cheap and durable car seat cover is not the only thing you’d want, but also expect a great level of comfort while sitting on the seats.

neoprene seat covers

This narrows down the list of materials available to you like options, but there’s still one material that always manages to stand out by coming with all the features needed to meet all your expectations from your cat seats. This material is neoprene, which is nowadays used on a mass scale to produce high quality yet affordable car accessories. Vehicle cushions are usually made in a way that enables one to sit on them quite comfortably and help balance their bodies in a perfect way.

They also aim to support most of your weight while traveling, making the activity a lot more convenient and less irritable. How to Clean Neoprene Vehicle cushionsThey are even adjustable, hence allowing people to shift positions according to their convenience and to relax in a perfect way.

However, despite coming with such a long list of features aimed to make traveling in your car a more convenient and comfortable experience, it probably comes down to the shape and forms your car’s seats are in.

If they happen to be all beaten up, they’re obviously not going to provide you with the level of comfort you’d need or expect. Hence, protecting and keeping your car’s seats in a top-notch form is a much-needed requirement of enjoying the level of comfort you do while sitting in a new car.

Also, a lot of car owners are too passionate about the looks of their car and like to customize it in order to improve the overall look, as well as reflect their personality. A lot of them go for painting their car in order to achieve this, while some others simply take the simpler and more convenient as well as affordable route of getting a neoprene cushion. After all, neoprene is a material that can be used to achieve a variety of things.

In this case, they can be customized and designed in a way that helps the owner reflect his Yamaha Viking CAMO Neoprene Seat Coverpersonality, as well as make the car look a lot more attractive. Also, unlike the seat covers made out of some other materials,

which just manages to look attractive but lacks the durability factor, neoprene Vehicle cushions manage to come out as a winner in all aspects, ranging from being customizable, looking attractive, being highly durable, affordable, scratch and water-resistant

(a very important feature in the long run) as well as being available in different styles and colors. This makes them the clear winner hands down among all other types of seat covers, as most of the others don’t even come near to providing the features these seat covers do.


Here are some of the very important benefits of Neoprene


Durability is obviously one of the most important features of a seat cover. No one would like to change their seat covers or find them in a beaten upstate every now and then. It comes with an extremely high level of durability, being resistant to a lot of seat spoiling factors as well as can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear and rough use.

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Heat resistant

Besides being water and moisture resistant, these vehicle cushions also come with heat resisting capabilities. The reason this feature is mentioned separately, and not included in the durability feature is that resistance to heat is an extremely important and useful feature of a seat cover.

Cars tend to be kept under the scorching heat of the sun for a considerably long period of time. This results in the accumulation of heat inside the car as well, and the seats become burning hot. However, if you happen to have neoprene seat covers placed over your car’s seats, they are sure to resist most of the heat from the sun and though the seats won’t be all cool, they will surely not be unbearably hot.

Moisture resistant

Another very important feature to look for in seat covers. Usually, if you don’t use your car solely for business purposes, but got a car that is being used for traveling with your whole family, it’s bound to be showered with drinks and water all the time.

If you don’t have a Vehicle cushion or have a low-quality seat cover placed over your seats, they’re bound to get damaged soon and cost you a hefty amount on the replacement or repair. There are made out of the very materials that are used for manufacturing wet suits, tend to be moisture resistant naturally. Almost all types of spilled liquids on these covers will simply get disappeared in a short while, thanks to the high level of moisture-resistant posed by these covers.

Highly affordable

Ducks Unlimited Max-4 Brand Camo Logo PremiumDurability and affordability is really a rare combo nowadays. However, these seat covers manage to offer you this quite easily. Being long-lasting and resistant to tons of spoiling factors, there’s no doubting such covers durability.

However, unlike other durable materials, neoprene comes in a lot cheaper and manages to delight its potential buyers with a rate that helps them save a good chunk of money without compromising on the quality in the slightest.


As mentioned above, neoprene seat covers are dynamic and can be used to reflect the personality of the car owner. They can be customized in various ways, helping one enhance the overall look of his car.

Available in different styles and colors

This is an extension of the above feature of being highly customizable. These seat covers also come in a variety of styles and colors, hence not only allowing one to have high-quality durable seat covers for their seats, but also something that they go well with the look of their car and liked by them.

Superior level of comfortVehicle seat covers

This too is one of the primary factors to look for while getting a seat cover for the seats of your car. Regardless of how good looking or durable the seat cover is, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to buy it unless it can deliver a superior level of comfort while sitting on them.

Now though it actually isn’t the seat cover that comes with a level of comfort, instead of the seat itself, not all seat covers allow passing on the level of comfort offered by the seats.

Neoprene seat covers, on the other hand, manages to not only pass on but also add in some amount of comfort themselves in order to make your experience in the car a lot more comfortable and pleasant.

The Neoprene Car Seat Covers to Buy in 2020

By now, you would probably already be convinced that neoprene seat covers are indeed the best choice for your car. Hence, let us now take a look at some of the best neoprene seat covers that rule the market or are highly preferred by customers throughout the world.

#1 Rugged Ridge 13214.09 Black & Grey ReviewRugged Ridge 13214.09 Black & Grey Custom Neoprene Front Seat Cover - Pair

This is probably one of the best seat covers on the market currently. It seems to be coming with almost all the benefits that come with a great neoprene seat cover. It’s quite long-lasting, water, and dirt resistant protects your car’s seats in every way possible.

and doesn’t give you a hard time burning your legs after you get in your car after a long time of parking it under the sun. Installation is quite easy as well, making everything much more convenient. It doesn’t even lack the comfort factor, so this makes it a great neoprene seat cover overall.

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#2 Ducks Unlimited Max-4 Brand Camo Logo Premium

This one is quite new on the market but seems to be a great choice all the same. It comes with a Ducks Unlimited Max-4 Brand Camo Logo Premiumuniversal fit, meaning that it can fit almost all types and sizes of seats found in different varieties of cars. This is indeed one of the problems associated with a seat cover, as not all manage to fit all types of seats.

It’s designed in a great way as well, so it’s also sure to make your car look way more attractive. It’s also easily stretchable, adding in on the level of comfort you would enjoy.

It comes with a perfect level of protection for your seat covers against things like stains, spills, dirt, and debris. This makes it a great choice for people whose cars are sure to undergo some really rough use and a high level of wear and tear.

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#3 Rugged Ridge 13210.01 Black Custom Review

Here comes something that may not manage to please you with its rate but sure to be the perfect Rugged Ridge 13210.01 Black Customsolution to all your seat protection needs. Rugged Ridge 13210.01 is indeed one of the best seat covers you will ever come across, but as quality comes at a price, you will have to be prepared to pay a bit more for getting the ultimate level of protection for your car’s seats.

It resists a high amount of heat and sure to keep the seats way less hot than they would otherwise be, thanks to being exposed to the heat of the sun for a very long period of time.

Then, it is also the perfect cover to help protect your seats against sweat, dust and other such spoiling agents. It’s easily installable and comes with an extremely high level of durability.

As a final word, if you don’t mind paying a few more bucks for the ultimate level of protection for your car’s seats, this cover is simply something you shouldn’t skip considering.

#4 INNOCESSORIES Custom Fit Neoprene Jeep Wrangler Review INNOCESSORIES Jeep Wrangler

If you ever wonder where to get the neoprene seat covers that are made to fit your jeep wrangler specific model & year, think no more. INNOCESSORIES developed the whole set of patterns for Jeep Wrangler Cj, Yj, Tj & Jk. As long as your seats are original seats, the fitment is guaranteed.

By “CUSTOM FIT”, we mean 1) it has a cutout for headrest, seat adjusters, and safety belt buckles so that you don’t need to cut these holes by yourself;

2) it looks tight, neither baggy nor squeezing; 3) It is seat side-mounted airbag compatible so when an emergency happens, the side airbag can be deployed.

Our neoprene seat covers are not only truly custom fit but also at an affordable price. The combo set that contains both front and rear seat covers cost as roughly the same as the front seat covers alone of some other brands out there. Currently, we offer 4 color options, solid black, black with red insert, black with charcoal insert and black with tan insert.

All of them are available on Amazon with FREE Shipping. If you have Amazon membership, you can even enjoy the 2nd day delivery for FREE.

Click Here to Read full review and order before the inventory runs out!

#5 Mossy Oak Infinity Camo Premium Neoprene Car Truck SUV Universal-fit Front Bucket Cover

The design of the Mossy Oak Infinity Cam premium Neoprene Car Truck seat cover is something that will definitely tempt you to choose it over its other mossy-oak-infinity-camo-premiumcounterparts. However, it’s not just its design that makes it one of the best seat covers on the market, but also the high level of customization it comes with.

Being easily stretchable, it aims at providing a perfectly comfortable experience to you while sitting in the car. Also, it’s a universal fit as well, so you don’t need to worry much about whether it will perfectly fit your car’s seats or not.

It would also work perfectly well against things like dirt, spilling liquids, stains, etc.

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#6 MAX-4 Camo Bucket Seat Cover Universal Neoprene DU Logo Review

This is the last one on our list, but surely not the least. Coming with a great design, it may turn out to MAX-4 Camo Bucketbe a perfect fit for your car seats as well. It’s specially produced keeping in mind the problems associated with water and strain, so it’s bound to be quite resistant to these factors.

It’s also sure to be a favorite of those that intend to give a personalized look to their car, as its design surely defines a lifestyle.

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